Disclaimer:  I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review


I recently had the opportunity to review this eye cream by Valentia.  It’s called the True Glow Eye Cream.

It claims to:

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lighten dark circles
  • Depuff eye area
  • Nourish and hydrate

Let’s start with the packaging.


How luxe is this packaging?  I love that it’s in a tinted glass bottle.  Plus, it has a pump!  Now, I will admit the pump on mine is a little difficult.  I don’t usually want a whole pumpful of the product and try to only do half a pump, but most of the time it won’t let me.  Otherwise, I think the packing is fantastic.


The cream itself has a kind of gel-like consistency.  It’s very light and easily sinks into your skin.  It has a slight cooling sensation upon application that feels refreshing.  It does have a faint, sweet orange scent.  I don’t really notice it unless I’m trying to detect it.

I’ve only been using the product for two weeks, so I don’t really feel that I can agree or disagree with the claims made by Valentia.  It feels nice on my skin, it seems to be moisturizing my under eye area, I  haven’t had any negative skin reactions and the bottle looks luxurious sitting on my vanity.  That’s a plus, right?

Here’s a link to Amazon if you’re interested in the product.


2013-11-12 16.37.24

I was at Walmart one day last week for groceries and decided to treat myself to something.  I picked up this new Color Elixer lip product (?) by Maybelline.  The color I picked up is 025 Mauve Mystique.
2013-11-12 16.40.10
I don’t know what to call this product.  I didn’t even know what it was when I picked it up.  There wasn’t a very good display, just a bunch of them in a tray on a shelf.  I thought they were lipsticks in a clear tube!  (I was holding it upside down *o*).  They’re not solid though.

2013-11-12 16.39.02

Maybelline states it “delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss.”  I find all three of those to be true.  It feels slightly heavy on the lips, but it’s not terrible.  It’s not overly sticky to me.  This mauve shade is a nice neutral color on my lips.

2013-11-12 16.37.48

Check out this crazy applicator.  Isn’t it funky?  They say it’s their exclusive angora brush.  What does that mean?  Angora, as in rabbits?  I should look into that more, because I am crazy allergic to rabbits.
2013-11-12 16.38.31
I really like the way this looks on my lips and I’m anxious to try some other shades.


I bit the bullet and ordered a Golden Tote this month.  For those of you who don’t know what Golden Tote is, it’s kind of like a subscription service for clothes.  They offer a $49 tote and a $149 tote (plus reasonable shipping).

If you select the $49 tote you get to pick one clothing item to put into the tote and they surprise you with 2-3 more items.

If you opt for the $149 tote you get to choose two clothing items to add to your bag and then they pick 5-7 more items.

I really wanted to order one last month, but didn’t have any money in the budget for it.  So I was anxiously waiting the official reveal this morning of the selection for this month.

I went all in and ordered the $149 tote.  The two items are selected are:

oversized-jacket-1  ruffle-dress-1

I’m really excited to see how this turns out.  I’ll be back with an update as soon as the package hits my porch!

June Birchbox


I subscribed to Birchbox last month.  My June kit arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve wanted to post about it, but hadn’t taken the time to until today.  I threw away the outer “packing” box, but this is what it looks like when you open it up.


Here’s what it looks like inside.  This is only the second one I’ve received, so I’m not an expert, but there tends to be a little postcard on top that mentions the theme of the box and the products inside are described on the back.


The goodies are all wrapped up in this hot pink tissue paper.  Here’s a peek of what I found inside.


The first product I pulled out of the box is this Stila One Step Bronze.  I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m not sure what I’m waiting for.  It is a really good size sample.


Next was this little plastic zipper bag.  It’s a super cute hot pink animal print.  It’s made by tili.  The description on the postcard says “perfectly sized for storing all your travel essentials.”


Then there was a sample of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume.  I haven’t tried this yet either (I’m still using the Bvlgari sample from last month, which I love!)


This might be my favorite product this month, Stainiac (color is Beauty Queen).  It’s a lip and cheek stain.  I’ve loved lip and cheek stains ever since I tried Benefit’s Benetint.


Lastly is a bottle of Melvita Rose Floral Water.  This is a pretty awesome sized sample as well.


So that’s my June Birchbox.  Maybe I’ll update you when I try the products and give a little review.

I’m super excited because I signed up in time to get a Glossybox this month.  It shipped this week, so I’ll share some pictures of it when it comes.

So, I did some of that ab workout last night.  Not the whole thing.  I did about half the reps that it called for.  It was tough.  I should have done more.  Oh well, at least I did something.

Tonight’s movie night at our house.  We’re watching Act of Valor.

J has wanted to see it for a while, so we got it for him for Father’s Day.

We had this crockpot chicken recipe for supper tonight.  It was pretty good.  I only used 1/2 a fryer chicken.  It was nice and moist.

Now we are trying to decide whether we want to have popcorn or ice cream while we watch the movie.  What do you think?



Have you seen this ab workout popping up on Pinterest?  I like to scroll through the fitness category and I’ve seen it several times recently.  I didn’t really take much notice of it (other than a giggle at the smile that girl has on her face while she’s doing all those exercises)…until I saw this post.  Wow!  I hope you don’t mind me linking to you Shannon.  I’ll say it again, wow!  Her results are impressive.

So Sunday evening I thought I’d give the 300/30 ab workout a try.  It was hard.  I couldn’t do all 25 reps of each exercise.  Some I cheated on.  Instead of counting both sides of an exercise as one rep, sometimes I counted each side as a rep.

I’m still sore.

That’s good, right?

But I didn’t do the workout last night.  I just tried to do it tonight and I couldn’t even do 5 of the first exercise.  That might be because I didn’t change out of my jeans yet though 😉

I’m off to try again.  Wish me luck!

What is this thing?


We have this plant growing at our house.  It was here last  year, but that big hail storm we had must have stopped it before it got this big.


It is big!  It kind of looks like some type of Hosta to me.  The leaves on it are huge, they kind of remind me of banana leaves.


This week I noticed a flower coming out.  It’s kind of a pinkish red color.  If anyone knows what it is I’d love to find out.


This is what I decided to do with my planter this year.  It’s a sad looking picture.  It’s much prettier in person, but you’ll have to trust me on that.


J bought me this hanging basket for my birthday.  I liked it because it was unique.  I love the black leaves.   There are two kinds of white petunias in there too.  I really like the ones with the dark centers.  I hope I don’t kill it 🙂


I planted these flowers around the porch.  I don’t know what they are, but I thought they were cute.  They seem to be pretty hardy too. That’s always a plus for me.


My butterfly bush is flowering!  I just planted it this year too.  I really hope it takes off.  I haven’t had any luck with perennials here at the new house, but this is only our second summer here.


Don’t flowers just make you smile?

I’ll admit, I’m relatively new to all this pinning action.  I just can’t stop.  I love to look at Pinterest on my Kindle Fire.  The layout is fabulous on there.  It’s so much friendlier for viewing.  It’s sooooooo addictive though.  After you scroll through so many pins you come to this little button at the bottom that says “load more pins” I keep telling myself just one more.  Then I realize it’s 11pm and I have to get up for work in the morning.  I’m sure I’m not the only person with this problem though.

So, if you’re like me you probably have hundreds of pins to delicious looking recipes on your “Recipes to try” or “Yum!” board.  For the last month or so I’ve been trying to make at least one of these recipes each week.  Unfortunately, what I’ve found is that even though these recipes look so beautiful, a lot of them don’t taste nearly as good as they look. 

However, the one I tried this weekend was absolutely fabulous.  The original recipe came from a site called Our Best Bites (click on the link to view the recipe). 


These Chipotle Beef Taquitos were so tasty.  They were baked, another plus in my book since I have a little fear of frying food.


They have a little Chipotle pepper in them which made them just the right bit of spicy.  Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the can of peppers.

Big News


House Key

I know I haven’t been posting much for a while now.  There are two reasons for that:

1.  I haven’t been making much lately (I do have some Christmas crafts to share soon).

2. I’m getting ready to move!

We are in the process of buying our first home.  It’s so exciting.  Check out my soon-to-be house key above.  It’s old-school. lol

So here’s a picture of the pretty house:


It’s a big, old brick farm-house.  Built in 1937, according to the title, 1939 according to the tax database (is that strange?)

It has so many charming qualities.  Check out the view from the balcony:

Balcony View

Okay, I must add the door to the balcony is in the main bathroom, which is kind of odd…but more on that another day.


This is my new kitchen.  It’s absolutely huge!  Sure it’s dated and has a crazy blue ceiling (Someone liked blue ceilings, there is another room with that color too) but I have so many ideas for this room.  Wait till you see what I do.

Living Room #1

This room might need the most work.  I just love the bay window.

For now I’ll leave you with a taste of the “beautiful” wall paper I will have the joy of removing.

Which do you like better? 🙂





I don’t often find inspiration in advertisements. But tonight I was flipping through one of Joe’s magazines and I saw this ad and thought it would be a great card layout. So I ran up to my craft room and made this card. I still think it needs something but I’m happy with how it turned out.