I’m up late


I love blog hops. I almost always find something new and interesting, be it a product, company or just inspirational art. This week doing the Friday Friends with Flair on Unity I came upon a link to a cool challenge blog that was new to me. It’s called the pink ninjas. This week they are celebrating getting 100 followers and the challenge is to create something to do with the number 100. I decided to do 100 little stamps.

100 Stamps

100 Stamps

Can you believe I only really got into stamping in the past year?  I have a lot more than 100 stamps, but I thought it would be cool to showcase some of these little ones.

100 Stamps

100 Stamps

Stamps are from Unity Stamp Co., a*muse, Autumn Leaves; I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting.  My apologies to those companies.  Sorry!  I sure thought 100 stamps would take up more space than they did.

100 Stamps

100 Stamps

6 Responses to “I’m up late”

  1. nely Says:

    this is so awesome!!!..i’m so happy you played along on our challenges!!!..this is a super creative one!!..may we post this on our blog??

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Awesome!!! I like that idea, i should count and see if i have 100 stamps!! I like em. At least some of them would get at least ONE use right?! LOL!!
    Thanks for celebrating with us!!
    Ninja Adrienne

  3. Emily Says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for celebrating with us and playing along!

    Ninja Em

  4. gloria Says:

    I dig this layout…Thats a lot of work stamping 100 images…I love all the color and the yellow backround..Thanks for playng with us..

  5. ally serrato Says:

    okay so 100 little stamps looks rad!!! amazing!! perfect!! i love it!! can i share?? please?? so, so glad you found us, please play again & again & again!!!!

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