Isn’t it bromantic?


Hehe, is there anyone out there that doesn’t love Unity Stamp Co.?  They’ve got the cutest stamps, the best kit club, the most awesome design team and now they’ve got this fabulous contest going on:  the Unity Bachelor.  So this week’s challenge was to make a card, either for Bro or a special guy in your life, inviting them on a date.  PLUS the card had to be in Bro’s fave colors:  black, red and green.  Oh, and of course you have to use Unity stamps…but that’s a given, right?  After watching a cool blog video today (I’ll find the link for you all) I knew exactly what technique I was going to try.  Here’s my date card (and if you were wondering, it’s for my sweet husband):

One Bromantic Card

One Bromantic Card

I loved making that 3d heart.  I can’t wait to try that technique with other shapes.  Check out these close-ups:

Bromantic Close-up

Bromantic Close-up

Bromance 3

6 Responses to “Isn’t it bromantic?”

  1. Rachel B Says:

    Krista, You mean you didn’t make this card for Broman?
    This is just TOO awesome. I knew I wanted that stamp… you just reinforced it… Oh having a budget sucks. I can’t wait until the next great sale so maybe I can get this! Thanks for enabling me a little more! I think we are all bad influences on each other!

  2. This is sooo awesome! Fantastic job!

  3. joslyn Says:

    love the 3d heart!!

  4. Ky Scrapacat Says:

    Wow – this is beautiful! Too good for Broman! 😉

    Seriously – gorgeous!

  5. Angie Says:

    WOW.. this is amazing. I love what you did here with the heart!! stunning.

  6. bloomingpink Says:

    I love that…bromantic. HA!

    And…the card to match the pun is just as stunning!

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