Love is in the Air



I do have a valentine.

But only one.

So why have I made so many Valentine’s Day cards?????

I don’t like those.

Let’s just move on to something else.

I love this card.

I’ve been saving that felt bird sticker for the perfect card.

I guess this was it.

And last but not least by any means.

I think this next card is among one of the top cards I’ve ever made.

It was inspired by a card I saw in the Target flyer this week.

If you go to Target online and look at the weekly flyer you can probably still see it (I think it’s on page 3).

I just love it!

This will be my honey’s Valentine this year.

I just love it.  I love looking at it.

LOL I’m so silly.

Here’s a peek at the inside.

Don’t worry, I didn’t write anything mushy yet. 😉

I’ve been busy


Did you think I got buried in snow during the “Blizzard of 2010?”

I wish I would have got some pictures.

It’s the first time I remember the snow being up to my waist!

But I didn’t venture outside all that much.

I spent most of the time in my scrapbook room.  Yay!

Let’s start with this set.

I have a huge pack of DCWV Rock-N-Roll themed paper that I have no idea why I purchased.

Probably on clearance.

Anyway, I made all three of these cards out of a single sheet of paper.

Added some stamps with white ink, a little bling and some white gel pen stitching and voila!

I have no idea what I’ll do with these but I did use up some paper.

Here’s another one I made.

You can’t really see it in the picture, but I used Unity’s Distressed Music background stamp on the kraft paper.

It looks so cool.

Lastly, I have a man card to share!

I hate making cards for men.

I think it’s because I like to add all kinds of frilly, girlie things to my cards.

It’s too hard to keep it clean and simple.  LOL!