I haven’t participated in FWF for a while. I made this little card with some paper scraps and Nesties label 4. I think it turned out cute. I might make some more of these.

24 Responses to “FWF”

  1. AmyH Says:


  2. Katy Says:

    Welcome back to blog world! This is so so cute!

  3. Tenia Nelson Says:

    This is very cool!!!

  4. Rachel B Says:

    you not only posted to your blog, you even did a FWF? Amazing! This is such a cute little card! Loving it! Glad to see you out in blog land!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love your design! Such a fun card! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Such a fun card love the shape!!!

  7. Sherry Says:

    Cool card love the unusual shape

  8. Martha Pineda Says:

    Krista! this is awesome 😉

  9. Karen M Says:

    Very very sweet! I love this!!

    Happy Friday!

  10. bonnierose Says:

    this is really pretty! I love it!

  11. Rona Says:

    super cute – made me smile 🙂

  12. Cute! This really made me smil!

  13. how adorable! Love the little fishies!

  14. Erika M Says:

    How darling!

  15. Wow! It’s small but it’s full of potential and detail. Awesome job.

  16. Shannah Says:

    Oh gorgeous – Love it!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  17. Gwen Says:

    Yes, this did turn out cute, adorable in fact!!

  18. Becky Says:

    How fun is this!

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