What is this thing?


We have this plant growing at our house.  It was here last  year, but that big hail storm we had must have stopped it before it got this big.


It is big!  It kind of looks like some type of Hosta to me.  The leaves on it are huge, they kind of remind me of banana leaves.


This week I noticed a flower coming out.  It’s kind of a pinkish red color.  If anyone knows what it is I’d love to find out.


This is what I decided to do with my planter this year.  It’s a sad looking picture.  It’s much prettier in person, but you’ll have to trust me on that.


J bought me this hanging basket for my birthday.  I liked it because it was unique.  I love the black leaves.   There are two kinds of white petunias in there too.  I really like the ones with the dark centers.  I hope I don’t kill it 🙂


I planted these flowers around the porch.  I don’t know what they are, but I thought they were cute.  They seem to be pretty hardy too. That’s always a plus for me.


My butterfly bush is flowering!  I just planted it this year too.  I really hope it takes off.  I haven’t had any luck with perennials here at the new house, but this is only our second summer here.


Don’t flowers just make you smile?

One Response to “What is this thing?”

  1. Your mystery plant looks like red ginger to me. Tropical plant that is probably not hardy if winters are too long or cold. Not sure where you are, but it could be a perennial in your zone. 🙂 Lucky you! I love them.

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