Hello!  I just wanted to let you all know that this will be the final video showing my scrapbook stuff for a little while.  Step-son is here for a while, so I have to run on a different schedule.  Meaning no time for this kind of stuff.  Fun stuff 😦  I planned on making one last video yesterday but I had a terrible allergy/asthma attack on Sunday and I just didn’t feel like doing anything yesterday.  I did make one Father’s Day card.  I spent the rest of the day watching the movie Waitress, Jon & Kate + 8, and What Not to Wear (I am addicted to this show).  Plus I took a nap.  I still don’t feel 100% today.  Hopefully I’ll have something new to share with you all soon.  In the meantime enjoy this video:

It’s Finally Friday


I just finished reading this book:

Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts

I absolutely love every book I’ve read so far by Jodi Picoult.  Vanishing Acts turned out to be one of my favorites.  I love Picoult’s style of writing.  Her books are always hard for me to put down.

I made a goal that I am going to read all of her books by the end of 2009.  I only have 4 left:

  • Keeping Faith
  • Perfect Match
  • My Sister’s Keeper
  • Handle With Care

It makes me kind of sad though, because I love her writing so much that when I’ve finished all of these books I won’t have anything to read that I find as fascinating as them.

If anyone out there can suggest an author that they think I might enjoy, please suggest.  I’ve tried Shreve and Mitchard, who are suggested as having a similar style but I wasn’t too crazy about the books I tried.  I have decided I’m going to read the Harry Potter series next though.  What a change, huh?

Has anyone been reading these stories about the American Idol outcomes?  I have and it’s kind of bothering me.  People are saying the reason Kris Allen won is because he’s a Christian.  Now, I’m a Christian and I don’t know.  It just seems hypocritical to me that some are saying Christian people would only vote for Kris.  I’ll admit that I don’t agree with the lifestyle that they say Adam has, but I was watching this show because it was a singing competition.  Sure maybe the guys that profess their beliefs are more appealing to me.  But in my opinion Kris’ voice was no match to Adam’s.  I think Adam has the best singing voice out of everyone one I’ve heard on the show in all of the seasons.  That is why I voted for him.  Well, tried to vote for him.  Stupid busy signal.

Okay, now that I vented about that let me move on.  I have a nice long weekend coming up.  Three days off, I love it.  J says we’re going to see the new Terminator movie tomorrow.  That’s our anniversary date.  How romantic huh?  I don’t care, I haven’t been to the movies in years.  It will be cool.  Then we’re going to eat at Chili’s.  Monterey Chicken here I come.  We have a coupon too.  How cool is that!  I also told J I’d make him No Bake cookies, sort of an anniversary gift.  He’s been asking for them for a while now and I keep putting it off.  I guess I’ll have to get on that as soon as I get home from work tonight.

I feel blah


I just bought myself a bag of candy.  I don’t know when it happened, but carmel creams became one of my favorite candies.  It was just recently.  I actually just want that white cream in the middle; I crave it.  The carmel part is pretty good too though.  I’m trying not to spend money on things I don’t need.  But since it’s my anniversary AND I feel blah I decided I deserve a little treat.

Speaking of my anniversary…I guess I should say our anniversary.  J brought me 3 beautiful red roses last night.  One for each year we’ve been married (I just realized that.  I wonder if he was symbolizing that.  Probably, knowing him).  They’re gorgeous.  I’m getting a cool hand-made necklace and bracelet too.  I know it, because I picked them out.  Well I actually bought them.  He has them now and he says I’m not getting them until tonight.  They are made with a stone called Labradorite.  I never heard of it before, but it’s pretty funky.

Did anyone watch American Idol last night?  I so hope that Adam Lambert wins.  He has the most amazing voice out of anyone I’ve seen on that show ever.  Chris (I don’t remember his last name!) is a cute guy and a great artist, but he just sounds like a regular person to me, nothing special.  I tried a couple of times to call and vote for Adam, but the line was busy every time.  I hope that’s a good sign!